The Advanced Course is for anybody who has been playing guitar for years but feel like you want that extra push to take you to the next level.

Our structured course will teach you new techniques such as tapping and finger-style playing. We also cover how to use altered tunings and use of a capo. The course will also help you understand how to start reading from scores, following repeats codas/dynamics etc so it becomes easier to open a book and attempt a song.

The advanced guitar course now offers a unique opportunity to play songs with a full band on stage to get the live experience of playing guitar! It works by getting a professional drummer, bassist and singer into the session to play along with the group.

Once we’re all pleased with the sound we get everybody on stage at the last session and play live through a P.A. This is a fantastic experience to play at one of Sheffield’s most prestigious stages at The Greystones.

Songs include…Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen) Blackbird (The Beatles) Message in a Bottle (The Police) Hound Dog (Elvis Presley)…and many more!!

If you would like to book onto this course please click here or for more information on this course please contact us today