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About 12th Fret

High quality guitar tuition by professional tutors

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Professional, friendly & helpful

Constantly searching for new ways for people to pick up a guitar, we are driven by your results and take every step to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed, whilst you learn.

From fun group workshops, one-to-one private tuition, and group sessions for schools to online content, webinars and Skype lessons, we love to push the boundaries to bring you new ways to learn guitar.

Our tutors are seasoned professionals and have been heavily involved within Sheffield music and have a wealth of experience, both in teaching and performing guitar & bass.

Learn within a group environment, which is a brilliant way to gain confidence for beginners, or opt for private tuition or even eLearning, we can help you every step of the way.

Interested in learning guitar? Or just looking for a new place to jam and pick up some great technique tips? Get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss some options.

These group classes were exactly what I was looking for: high quality, affordable tuition in a fun and un-intimidating environment.

After a 15 year break (I dabbled as a teen) I decided to pick up the guitar again and taking 12th fret’s intermediate and advanced classes was the ideal way to get back into playing.

The classes have had a great impact on my musical skills and confidence. I’ve learned to play songs I never thought I could and which I would never have tried on my own. I particularly enjoy learning alongside others and playing as part of a group in the advanced sessions.

Joe is an excellent teacher: combining tons of knowledge and experience with a relaxed attitude and bags of patience. He is great at making seemingly complex musical skills or theories comprehensible.

I’ve learned loads and will never put the guitar away again!

Sara Whiteley

The message on the advert was ‘learn to play the guitar in 10 weeks’.  Well I certainly would be a challenge for them!

In the first lesson I learned 2 chords and was playing the bones of a song. I am now on the 5th block of lessons (it is addictive) and over the 18 months have learned the basics for many guitar techniques and now also understand music notation – as well as having loads of fun in the process.

I have advanced much more than I could have imagined and I can now crudely play some of my favourite songs. The lessons are well structured and the learning is practically based around a different song each week, so you are learning a new song as well as the all the technical aspects.

The lessons cover all forms of techniques and cater for all standards, there is a real friendly atmosphere with loads of encouragement.

Joe has a wealth of knowledge throughout all genres and no matter what standard you are I would highly recommend Joe and 12th Fret to any guitar player looking for a teacher.

Colin Taff

Private Tuition

One-to-one private lessons completely bespoke to your needs

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